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Our Story


Book Warehouse is a local, independent book store. The company was founded by prominent Western Canadian musicians in 1980.


In May 2012 Black Bond Books purchased the original Book Warehouse location at Broadway and Ash. Black Bond Books' owners, Cathy and Mel Jesson felt this store was just too special to lose. Looking at the business plans, it was clear that Book Warehouse was a strong business with much customer support.


In a frenzied 5 days we took the store from close-out to re-opening. The response from Book Warehouse customers has been wonderful, sales are strong and the support has exceeded expectations. It seems many believe, as we do, in these wonderful things called books.


Black Bond Books is happy to bring this location into the fold, and we are enjoying being part of the city scene.


Black Bond Books celebrated our 50th year in 2013. From our small beginning in Brandon, Manitoba to our 10 lower mainland locations, Black Bond booksellers enjoy sharing their favourites and putting the right book in your hands, either for yourself or a special gift. Our love of books, the kind you can feel, smell, and share knows no bounds. For those that use an e-platform as well as physical books, it really is about a love of reading. But please come visit us when you need your print edition.


Together with a love of reading and a joy of sharing new favourites, we hope for a long future. I would remind and ask for support for our One Book Pledge. Every once in a while, buy from your local independent bookstore. If you do this small thing we will be around to recommend, encourage, and share the joy of books for a long time to come.



Thanks for your support,


Cathy Jesson